Khawaja Gharib Nawaz (R.A.) and their companions took a bath and performed wuzu daily on the bank of Anna Sagar. Since, there were situated temples on the bank the priests did not like it. One day ,some pf the followers were stopped by the Brahmins for taking bath on the bank of the Anna Sagar and threatened them violently. The followers returned to Khawaja Sahib and informed him about the happening. He asked one of his followers to go and fill the water in a Kuza (earthen pot).When the follower dip kuza in the water, it sucked the entire water of Anna Sagar. He brought back the Kuza to Khawaja Sahib. When the Brahmins knew that the pond has dried, they were taken aback. The entire city was shocked and it was known to every body that the Muslim guru made the pond dry since Brahmins threatened the Muslim at the Sagar. At last a delegation of civilians came to him and requested him for a pardon. Khawaja Sahib(R.A.) was kind enough and he poured the water back in the pound and the pond was again filled up. Seeing this miracle, people in large number changed their faith to Islam and Islam gained spreading in Ajmer.

It is said that once Khawaja Sahib was passing through a jungle Some atheist dacoits came in his way. They used to snatch belongings of travelers and if there is a Muslim traveler they used to kill him as well. When these dacoits faced Khawaja Sahib, there happened a miracle. The band to dacoits who had been engaged in looting and killing the people, started trembling with fear, fell on the feet of Khawaja Sahib and said, “We are your slaves. Be kind to us”. When they repented, Khawaja Sahib forbade them from looting and murdering in the name of the Almighty.

Though Khawaja Sahib had no means of income but he set up a langerkhana (alms-house).The food was so abundant there that all the poor and needy of the city were fed with it. It is said that he directed the Chief of the alms-house to demand as much money as needed for the langarkhana at any time. The Chief used to come to him daily in the morning. On his arrival Khawaja Sahib used to unfold the corner of his Musalla and asked him to take whatever required from the hidden treasury. He himself used to keep fast and broke it with the dried barley bread, weighing not more than five misqal.

It is said, during the period of Khawaja Sahib’s (R.A.) stay in Ajmer, the people from far and nearby, who went for the pilgrimage of Haj, on return used to tell that they have seen Khawaja Sahib (R.A.) circumambulating the Khana-e-Kaaba; while in fact Khwaja Sahib never went for Haj after his stay in Ajmer.

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