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Impact of COVID-19 on Online Casino industry

The recent outbreak of the COVID-19, popularly known as the Coronavirus, has sent shock waves across the world that has captured the attention of many global markets and businesses. The outbreak of the pandemic has spread infections across the globe as a whole that is expected to culture in the near terms คาสิโนสด as well. These changes have caused uncertainty among many industries mmc คา สิ โน ออ น ไล, among which the gambling industry has also taken a severe hit.

Sports Betting

Sports Betting

The pandemic has blown off all chances of escalating the industry of sports betting, which was supposed to take off in 2020. Major betting events regarding sports like the NBA, NHL, and MLB have come to a halt and many of these sports betting industries as changing their course towards online means to keep their businesses afloat. The situation is getting out of hand for the physical sportsbooks, as many of their retailers have been shut taking a toll on their income. Many have even changed the course of betting business to bet on politics, TV shows, movies and many other genres, whatever floats their boat.

Stability of online casino

Amidst all chaos and the casino industry taking a severe hit in their businesses, online casino business seems to have raised the economy. Due to social distancing and complete lockdown all across the world, people are stuck at home the entire day. To kill boredom, they’re trying out new methods of killing time, and one among them is the use of online casino applications and websites. The online casino industry hasn’t suffered significant losses due to the pandemic when compared to the previous years.

On the contrary, research conducted by a firm named Optimove suggests that there has been a massive elevation of 43% in the number of poker players over the past couple of months. All companies associated with poker, have significantly seen a rise in their income as well as the number of players. The research also stated a significant 25% increase in the new views or the first time poker players.

According to one study, the online gambling market is expecting significant growth in the United States, generating a revenue of $102.9 billion by the end of 2025. Although currently many countries and states have suffered an economic loss due to the shutdown of the land-based casinos, they’re compensating on the online casinos and the revenue generated by the online casino market.


Although backend improvements are being made on the online casino applications and websites, suiting the customer needs and to maintain a balanced and friendly atmosphere for every player, some significant changes have been made even in the virtual sports section. In recent weeks, there has been an increase in the online sports betting websites with online casino combo. The lack of sports events has led the players and gamblers to bet on virtual sports events, to keep their business afloat. This has caused an increase in online sports bettors by 30%.

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