Bari Deg: Inside the premises of holy darbar of Hazrat Khwaja Pak (R.A.) Bari Deg is situated on the right side of Buland darwaza. Emperor Akbar presented this Deg on the victory of the Chittorgarh battle in 976 Hijri. The circumference of the deg is 12.5 yards in which rice is cooed up to 125 Mounds at a time with basic ingredients like Desi Ghee, Sugar and Dry Fruits. Since then it is being cooked by anyone, on fulfilling of his or hers desire these days the cooking expenses comes around 3500/- USD and it can be cooked by place your booking well in advance.

Choti Deg: Choti Deg is situated on the left side of Buland Darwaza inside Shan-e-Chirag. It was presented by Sultan Nooruddin Janhgir in 1013 Hijri. 80 mounds of rice can be cooked in Choti Deg at a time with the same ingredients and cooking expenses comes around 1800/- USD. It is being cooked by place your booking well in advance.

Other: Other then these Degs devotees can also Participate for langar which distributed every day in morning and evening, One could offer Chadar on Mazar-e-Aqdas of Khwaja Sahab along with Akidat ke Fool (Flowers).

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